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  • Andrew Turnbull

A little bit goes a long way

TurfSolv is a powerful plant biostimulant and a recent trial has shown how effective it is as part of a fertiliser programme. We have developed a range of liquid fertilisers that incorporate TurfSolv that massivley helps with uptake and usage by the plant. The chart shows the results of three treatments: Control - no fertiliser, 10:0:10 NPK liquid fertiliser, 10:0:10 fertiliser plus TurfSolv. The chlorophyl was measured using NDVI reflectance with higher readings showing the efficiency of the plant's delicate photosynthetic machinery. The addition of TurfSolv showed consistantly higher cholorphyl readings, demonstrating that treated plants were being protected by the effects of TurfSolv on oxidants that damage the mechanisms of photosynthesis.

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