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What exactly do we do?

Since I stopped blending and mixing biostimulants formulations at end of January, I have been asked a few time exactly what I do now? Well, this week summarises the three things I am involved in:

Monday - visiting a local golf club for a chat with the Head Greenkeeper about managing his course by focusing on the plant and soil biology. Afterwards, drove to the National Institute of Agricultural Biology (NIAB).

Tuesday - On behalf of TurfSolv at the NIAB attended the

CUPGRA (Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association) seminar for the on the challenges of Potato Cyst nematode (PCN) and impending withdrawl of all nematicides by October 2024. We are running a TurfSolv trial at the NIAB this year. Afterwards I drove to Twickenham, London.

Wednesday & Thursday - On behalf of RSI Sports Group I attended the two day Coliseum conference on stadium design and construction. I met and had conversations with architects, engineers, organisers of the FIFA World Cup and other leading events about the Complete Lighting System (CLS) for grass pitches grown in the challenging environment of sports arenas. Of particular interest was the awarding of a contract to supply the new Bernabau Stadium (home of Real Madrid) with a CLS for the pitch which will be stored underground. This requires not just a light system but a complete growing system that replicates the outside environment, i.e. full daylight, correct moisture, humidity and nutrition.

Friday - Back on a golf course taking rootzone samples for a full analysis combining the European Turf Laboratories (ETL) services and my RZ Nutrient Analysis.

So, a full week that shows the full breadth of what I am involved in:

  1. Promoting my passion for BioNutrition to greenkeepers and grounds staff

  2. Using my knowledge and skills to take TurfSolv into agriculture

  3. Utilising the subject of my Master of Research degree to work with the world's most innovative pitch lighting company who are starting to supply the wold's best stadia on the basis of their intensive research programme that has produced the Complete Light Spectrum

  4. Using my skills and expertise to provide agronomy services to golf courses and sports pitches.

Call me for further details of how I can help you on 07900 692052, or email

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