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Affordable Advice

For the price of a typical single application of a wetting agent or fertiliser South West Agronomy is available to help you prepare and maintain your turfgrass playing surfaces. With the new season roaring towards you (or perhaps it has not stopped) you will be finalising your plans for the season but may not be sure you have the right resources or programmes that meet the expectations of you and your employer. South West Agronomy Ltd have expertise in the following:

  • review of your turf maintenance and development plans to ensure they will meet expectations and objectives

  • guiding you to formulate and produce your own bespoke liquid fertilisers that match your turf

  • helping you to implement bio-based turf management, i.e. cost effective nutrition programmes and enhancing soil microbial populations

  • drainage design and installation

  • construction of greens, bunkers and tees

Contact us for a chat on 01822 369005 or 07900 692052, or email, to find out how little it costs for us to help you succeed.

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