Making Sustainable Turfgrass Management A Reality

SouthWest Agronomy is located on the outskirts of Tavistock in the heart of the South West of England. We identify and implement the three components of BioNutrition:

  1. Optimise the rootzone environment for the turfgrass species and playing surface being prepared and managed

  2. Supply balanced plant nutrition based on plant extracts

  3. Encourage active interaction between soil microbes and the plant roots through ongoing and sensible turfgrass management


Many turfgrass managers talk about "sustainable greenkeeping", or needing to reduce/eliminate pesticides but don't know or understand how put this into practice.


Give us a call if you want a serious discussion about how to produce turfgrass playing surfaces without the reliance upon synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

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There is no substitute for good turfgrass management:

  1. Mowing heights of cut & frequency

  2. Correct irrigation quantity & frequency

  3. Fertilising appropriate to requirements

  4. Aeration of the rootzone

  5. Organic Matter control & removal of excess

South West Agronomy will help you put these in place followed by the principles of BioNutrition:

  • Optimise the rootzone environment

  • Supply balanced plant nutrition based on plant extracts

  • Encourage active interaction between soil microbes and the plant roots

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BioNutrition for Turfgrass Surfaces

BioNutrition is more than selecting a fertiliser. Each turfgrass surface has differing specific requirements that match the end use and managing high quality turfgrass surfaces depends on three basic conditions:

  1. Correct rootzone environment for the turfgrass species being managed

  2. Balanced and optimised plant nutrition

  3. Active interaction between soil microbes and the plant roots


When these work together the result is a high quality and fast playing surface that is hard wearing, resilient, and recovers quickly after use and harsh environmental conditions.


The TS NanoBlend© formulation is at the heart of our range of treatments by meeting the criteria for BioNutrition. This unique technology energises the natural turfgrass physiology and optimises the microbe population around the plant roots.

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Turfgrass Agronomy

Our expertise lies in diagnosing turfgrass rootzone conditions and nutrient content and choosing the correct treatment that meets the demands of the end user. We only recommend treatments that restore the soil environment, balance biological nutrition (not the same as fertilising), and re-establishing the plant root/soil microbe interaction.


South West Agronomy:

  • analyse the health of your rootzone and turfgrass surfaces

  • optimise turfgrass health by providing solutions to environmental stress

  • deal with pests and diseases using non-pesticide solutions

Call or email us for a chat on your requirements, or click here to find out more.


Getting close to a nematode infested golf green in Nicaragua. We are passionate about our client's turfgrass surfaces