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BioNutrition for Turfgrass Surfaces

Agronomy & Advisory Services

Problem solving

South West Agronomy have a wide and deep experience in helping turfgrass managers solve issues that prevent the preparation of high quality playing surfaces. Whether related to nutrient availability, pests & diseases and/or overuse of the surface, South West Agronomy 

provide and implement solutions that work.


Results of inadequate turf management - deep thatch

Plugged ball.png

Plugged golf ball on a poorly drained golf green


Getting close to a nematode infested golf green in Nicaragua.


Product trials & assessment

SouthWest Agronomy are experienced and knowledgeable researchers, able to assess products and effectiveness of new treatments. Product and research trials are normally carried out at sites many miles away from the customer's turfgrass surface, providing good information but not necessarily relevant to a turfgrass manager trying to choose the best treatments for their charge. The only way to be certain of success is to trial prospective treatments on your surfaces. SouthWest Agronomy Ltd provides rigorous procedures subject to statistical analysis, giving the turf manager and employer confidence before spending precious resources.

​Analysis of budgets & maintenance practices

South West Agronomy can help you review your proposed spending budgets and maintenance practices. Our experience and knowledge will help you to devlop and achieve realistic targets for your facility, and help your staff to meet the owners expectations.


Investigating root mass during a trial with biostimulants on a golf course in Spain.

Construction and drainage projects

South West Agronomy can spend a day with you to review your plans and to suggest any changes that will increase the effectivness of the proposed project or save on costs, or take full control of your project. Our experience and knowledge of construction and drainage will help you design and install projects that are cost effective and achieve the desired aims. Poor project management wastes resources and we can ensure a successful outcome. 

Final prep.png

New golf green and surrounds

Drainage of golf green.png

Draining a golf green.


A skilled operator can save thousand of £s

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