Turfsolv TS-1

Next Generation Turf Solution

TurfSolv is the bedrock of the TS NanoBlend© technology and formulations. Developed by Global BioClean, Inc., a world leader in surfactant technology, this groundbreaking formulation ensures quick uptake by plants of added nutrients, and

penetration of rootzone treatments into and through soils.

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TurfSolv is a 21st Century solution for balancing nutrition in intensively managed

turfgrass surfaces. The unique TurfSolv formulation acts as a carrier for bioactive

materials and nutrients, and contains powerful biostimulants that help grass to quickly

recover from damage caused by pests and diseases. 

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TurfSolv is fully compatible with other liquid turf treatments and can cut costs by making

other treatments (such as wetters/surfactants, micro-nutrients, pesticides and biostimulants)

more effective by reducing/eliminating their need. TurfSolv is a fully water-soluble

formulation that is entirely safe for human health and to the wider soil and water


Professional use:

Available to golf courses and sports turf surfaces in 10L, 200L and 1000L containers.

Use TurfSolv when your turf is being damaged by pest & disease attack, wear from human and mechanical use, and environmental damage such as drought, freezing and heat.