Agronomy & Advisory  Services

SouthWest Agronomy Ltd are expert consultants in managing turfgrass surfaces.

We can provide quick, on-site assessments or in-depth analyses to help you provide high quality playing surfaces. We can help you by:

  • analysising the nutrient status and health of your rootzone and turfgrass surfaces

  • optimising turfgrass health by providing solutions to environmental stress

  • dealing with pests and diseases using non-pesticide solutions

Many people think that science is exact, but the reality is that interpretation of multiple sources of data is the key to making successful outcomes. We carry out a comprehensive nutrient analysis that uses four different analytical methods and interpretations rather than being slaves to numbers or a particular method. We take a broad view of the nutrient content and match our recommendations to the clients requirements.

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Soil analysis

An example of our comprehensive nutrient analysis. Click on the picture to open a larger version.

On-site Trials & Research

SouthWest Agronomy Ltd carry out product trials on our client's turfgrass surfaces.

Product and research trials are normally carried out at sites many miles away from the customer's turfgrass surface, providing good information but not necessarily relevant to a turfgrass manager trying to choose the best treatments for their charge. The only way to be certain of success is to trial prospective treatments on your surfaces.

SouthWest Agronomy Ltd provides rigorous procedures subject to statistical analysis, giving the turf manager and employer confidence before spending precious resources.

  • Product trials/assessments

  • Analysis of maintenance practices

  • Construction materials and methods

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Investigating root mass during a trial with biostimulants on a golf course in Spain.