Thatch reduction using natural enzymes

Just imagine......


  • Reduce or eliminate the upheaval and complaints from members and visitors caused by thatch control operations

  • Being able to redeploy human, physical and financial resources from expensive coring to work that improves playing conditions

  • Reduce thatch with easy to apply liquid treatments

Lignase is an enzyme extracted from white rot fungi and is a potent technique to effectively manage thatch in turfgrass systems. Lignin is a major component of plant cell walls and acts as a protective matrix that limits microbial degradation ofcellulose and hemi-celluloses. Certain white-rot fungi produce an extra-cellular enzyme which breaks down lignin and opens a pathway for other microbes to degrade the exposed cellulose and hemi-cellulose. Lignase is made from this enzyme and, in combination with Diversity-G with regular verti-cutting, aeration and Bionutrition, will reduce the buildup of excess organic matter over the season. See the News article "Lignin muncher"Read more...

Eliminate the costly effects of the physical removal of thatch usinghollow coring.



Rootzone eration using plant extracts and enzymes

In severely anaerobic turfgrass surfaces much more aggressive operations are required to alleviate the soil environment. This is when OxyTurf comes into its own. Unlike other oxygen-stimulating products based on synthetic chemicals and peroxides, OxyTurf is 100% organic and 100% safe and effective – without the risk of chemical residues remaining after the reactions. OxyTurf is wholly made from plant extracts that react with soil enzymes and release oxygen into the rootzone environment​.




  • Activates positive digesting organisms and enzymes that release dissolved oxygen in the soil profile. The dissolved oxygen transforms the anaerobic environment into an aerobic ecosystem

  • Accelerates the degradation of thatch and allows water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil profile to nourish the entire root system

  • Increases the pore space in the soil by breaking down organic matter that loosens up the soil and allows the grass roots to penetrate deeper into the profile.

Effects of OxyTurf on an anaerobic golf green after three treatments

South West Agonomy Ltd source and investigate original and innovative natural substances, and then test to see how they can be applied to turfgrass surfaces. Contact us for a chat on how using our experience and knowledge can help you achieve Sustainable Turfgrass Management - not just wish or talk about it.