MorVita treatments

Life from the sea to plants

Using the MorVita range of treatments from SouthWest Agronomy means you are truely putting into practice Sustainable Turfgrass Management by using materials and nutrients that are harvested from sustainable stocks.


MorVita treatments provide your turfgrass surfaces with vital micro-minerals, amino acids, proteins and peptides for optimum nutrition, and cytokinins and betaines for stress relief from wear, environmental extremes and pest & disease attacks. 

All the nutrients and elements required for life on earth are found in the sea, and the South West of England has a long and rich history of harvesting from the sea to produce healthy and vigorous crops.

Marine life contains amino acids, peptides and proteins that when applied as a fully soluble treatment the plant;

  • resists environmental stress, such as heat and freezing temperatures

  • quickly rebuilds damaged plant tissue for rapid recovery to playing surfaces

  • rapidly establishes into new, high quality turfgrass surfaces 


Seaweed contains hormones that helps turfgrass plants to:

  • uptake nutrients from the rootzone and quickly transport them around the plant to where required

  • relieves metobolic stress and enables the plant to excrete exudates (such as carbohydrates and proteins) through the roots for microbial life to thrive

  • stimulates the plants' natural defence mechanisms against pest & disease attack

Scroll down for details on MorGlas, our high quality liquid seaweed,

and MorVita Pure, our rich fish hydrolysate fertiliser

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MorVita Pure

Super concentrated organic fish hydrolysate

MorVita Pure is made from whole fish to produce an organic liquid powerhouse, packed with essential trace minerals and soil microbe activators. Inferior fish hydrolysate is made from fish waste, i.e. after all the useful nutrients and minerals have been used in other products. 

MorVita Pure has been rigorously analysed by Newcastle University.

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MorVita Pure has been designed to complement applied fertiliser and to quickly return your rootzone to its natural microbial state, resulting in enhanced root penetration for optimum plant health and vigour. MorVita Pure supplies micronutrients, proteins, peptides and amino acids vital for optimum plant health on sand-based rootzones. The probiotics in MorVita Pure stimulate beneficial microbes resulting in greater nutrient uptake by plants and enhanced natural pest & disease control.  This professional formulation can be applied in low volumes for an economic liquid treatment for great playing surfaces.


Benefits of MorVita Pure

  • Reduces the need for other treatments and lowers maintenance costs

  • Bioactive ingredients that boost soil microbes for increased nutrient mineralisation

  • Contains full suite of micronutrients, amino acids and proteins essential for plant health and vigour in high stress conditions

  • Non-hazardous and free from harmful pathogens

  • 100% water soluble and easily applied

  • Helps to provide resistance to extremes of heat, drought, cold and combats fungal diseases of turfgrass surfaces

Application rates

New surfaces - spray new grass seed at a dilution of 1:1000 for enhanced germination

Established turfgrasss surfaces - apply at 1-5L MorVita Pure in 200-500L water

See our MorVita dedicated website here for more information

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High quality liquid seaweed extract 

MorGlas is cold-water processed from Ascophyllum nodosum (Bladder Wrack) found in the intertidal area of rocky shorelines of the UK.


Many liquid seaweeds are sold on their mineral ingredients but the true benefit of seaweed lies in the bioactive betaine and cytokinin contents. These natural hormones help:

  • the plant to take up more nutrients from the rootzone

  • to move nutrients much more quickly around the plant to where needed

  • by enhancing the plant's natural self defences against pests, diseases and environmental stress

  • encourages the growth of mycorrhizae fungi for improved nutreint uptake

Ascophyllum nodosum has been found to have a higher concentration of betaines than other seaweed species, due to living in the constant pattern of submergence at high tide, drying out when exposed at low tide, and from pounding by waves. Betaines are stress relief hormones that your turfgrass surfaces benefit from when applied in the correct quantity and timing. 

MorGlas is one of the richest liquid seaweeds available, containing a very wide range of concentrated elements from the sea; more than 60 natural organic elements, amino acids,  enzymes, trace elements and many other organic substances which collectively have a catalytic effect on plant growth. MorGlas supplements the treated plants own biochemistry and ensures greater efficiency in the growth mechanisms of turfgrass surfaces.

Apply MorGlas at 3- 5 litres per Ha in 300-400 litres of water.

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MorGlas can be supplied in 20L or 1000L IBC, and as 100% liquid seaweed or mixed with any of the TS Fertiliser Range for a bespoke seaweed based liquid fertiliser. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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