Nutrients that feeds the Soil & Plant Biology

Life from nature to your turfgrass surfaces

Using SouthWest Agronomy nutrients means you are truely putting Sustainable Turfgrass Management into practice by using materials and nutrients that are harvested from sustainable resources.

L-Active is a source of minerals wholly from plant sources

L-Active is a truly different fertiliser, containing a blend of wholly plant sourced nutrients, carbohydrates, natural auxins, amino acids, gibberellins, alginic acid, and seaweed derived sugars: mannitol, fucoidan and laminarin. L-Active is a NPK 5:0:5 fertilisers, blended to contain 12% Laevo-amino acids that plants use to quickly repair tissue that is damaged from player foot traffic, turf maintenance operations and climatic stress. L-Active also contains a specific plant extract that increases photosynthesis that was researched at the University of Nottingham by the owner of South West Agronomy Ltd. Read more...

Some of the trials and measuring work carried out at the University of Nottingham for a Master of Research degree to assess the effects of L-Active on turfgrass plants. Left: heat and shade stress. Middle: measuring the rate of photosynthesis. Right: germination of seed in shade, L-Active treated pots top left & bottom right.



Super concentrated organic fish hydrolysate

All the nutrients and elements required for life on earth are found in the sea, and the South West of England has a long and rich history of harvesting from the sea to produce healthy and vigorous crops.

AnMor (from the Cornish "from the sea", relfecting the sustainable sourcing of this SouthWest resource)  is made from whole fish and has been designed to complement applied fertiliser to quickly return your rootzone to its natural microbial state, resulting in enhanced root penetration for optimum plant health and vigour. AnMor supplies micronutrients, proteins, peptides and amino acids vital for optimum plant health on sand-based rootzones. The probiotics in AnMor stimulate beneficial microbes resulting in greater nutrient uptake by plants and enhanced natural pest & disease control. This professional formulation can be applied in low volumes for an economic liquid treatment for great playing surfaces. Read more...


AnMor is proving popular with home gardeners. See our Garden Saver website here for more information on how to use on outdoor and indoor plants.

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