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Restoring the natural root/soil microbe relationship

When a plant is healthy it excretes excess carbohydrates and proteins (called exudates) through the roots, which feed microbes. Plants that are under stress, such as intensively managed turfgrass surfaces, keep hold of exudates for repair of damaged tissue and physiological processes, leaving the plant less protected and more reliant upon fertilisers. The photo on the right shows what happens to a golf green when microbes are missing due to poor maintenance. The only root growth is down a space created by a hollow core tine.

Mycortex supplies a consortium of microbes and a range of biostimulants that act synergistically, improving their effectiveness and supporting microbial life far beyond the first application. The bioactive complex in the root zone leads to vigorous and robust plant growth for optimum turfgrass surfaces.

Mycortex contains: 

Mycorrhizal &Trichoderma fungi, and Beneficial Bacteria,Humates, Saponins and Microbial Feedstock. No filler is used, with 100% of ingredients being an active component of the treatment. 

The main benefits of Mycortex are:

  • Just one application per year supplies all the beneficial microbes required for turfgrass surfaces

  • Help in breaking down of excess organic matter (thatch)

  • Help to keep the soil aerated by forming crumb structure

  • Stimulation and promotion of root growth 

  • Improved plant nutrition (especially in adverse conditions) 

  • Improved disease resistance

  • Enhanced stress resistance (environmental, soil and toxic stress).

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soil microbes at work.